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My name is Niki Lewis and I am passionate about fitness and helping motivate women to get and stay in shape.  I am also a lifelong "early-bird" and love starting the day with exercise.

I spent most of my life focusing only on Cardio, with fast walking being my exercise of choice.  A few years ago a friend asked me to do a 13 week Walk to Run program with her.  At the end of the 13 weeks, I was hooked on running and haven't stopped since.  I run as many miles as I have time for (and enough to burn off the calories for my Blue Bell addiction!)  My family is the reason I decided I needed to add strength training into my routine.  For more details about that you can click on About Family.

I joined a local gym, and tried to enjoy the indoor world and machines in a circuit.  I found myself dreading the monotony and losing motivation.  I was invited to my first Boot Camp, and loved it immediately.  The mixture of the strength training and cardio, along with the variety, really improved my motivation and fitness level.

Eight years ago, I really felt led to get Certified as a Personal Trainer, and start another Boot Camp.  I feel very strongly that Boot Camps, or any exercise program, should be affordable for everyone.  I also wanted to be able to end each session with some words of encouragement in the form of a short devotional.  You can read more details by clicking on About Faith.

Besides teaching Boot Camp.  I also teach 10th grade girls Sunday School at my church.  My favorite hobbies are running and baking!  (A necessary  combination!)


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